General questions

Paysale is a CPA network (Cost Per Action). Such a model is widely spread on the West part of the world. The point of CPA is: an advertiser offers a payout for a specific action (as registration on a website, product download, payment for a purchase, credit applications) of a person which you brought to the website. Therefore, an advertiser gets a needed action and it is much more effective than buying clicks. Publisher gets much more payout for such actions than for clicks. This model of work is profitable for both advertisers and publishers.

Payout comes for targeted action on an advertiser's website. Most popular actions are ordering, sale, registration, buying premium account or starting a trial.

1. More than one account that is created without the permission of the site administration. 2. Input from one network device to your referral-fetching and referral accounts. 3. Fraud, which brought loss to network or advertiser. 4. High percentage of actions that an advertiser has estimated as fraudulent.

Sign in to your account if you already have one, and send a ticket. We will definitely help you.

Yes, here's the link to the referral program: https://paysale.net/user/referrals

On 5th-7th of every month if you've got the minimum. Note, that all payments are calculated according to Transaction tab calculations, not current statistics.

PPL (pay per lead, usually it's for a sign-up), Revshare (pay per sale, commission in %), PPS (pay per sale, fixed commission), Pin-Submit (SMS subscription).

You can do it in your account in the section Tracklinks (if your offers are already activated).

Usually all the requests get considered during a working day.

Smartlink includes more than 190 countries. It's the system that distributes the traffic to the appropriate offer itself, based on user's geo and device. The rotation is being run by high EPC offers.

DOI stands for Double Opt-In, which means that the user needs to verify his e-mail after he signs up. SOI stands for Single Opt-In, which means that the users only needs to enter his e-mail and that's it - no verification required. Although SOI converts better, DOI usually has higher payouts.

1 click flow means the users landed on a landing page with subscribe (or download etc) button, if they tap on the button the transaction occurred. 2 click flow will be something like, the user tap on the subscribe button, they will receive an sms and if they reply the sms with the code given, the transaction occurred.Normally, 1 click flow is the easiest to convert.

MO: refers to a message being sent in from a mobile handset. The message is ORIGINATED at the mobile/cellphone end. MT: refers to a message being sent to a mobile handset. The message is TERMINATED at the mobile/cellphone end.

A custom tracking domain is a domain you own that you can use to promote our affiliate offers on Paysale. This can be any domain that you own. By setting up your own custom tracking domain, you are able to start with a clean slate and promote our offers without having to worry about our domains being blacklisted. You can add it by going to the section Tracklings -> Parking.

To submit an activation for revshare/PPS/mobile subscriptions offers you need to go to the section Offers and choose appropriate parametres in the left filter (Payment action column). Your tracking links will be avaliable in the section Tracklinks.

Popular pages traffic, groups and public posts in social networks, target advertising in social networks.

The opportunity to direct a user to a more specific page within the offer, by modifying the link. Usually used in online stores to increase the conversion.

First, make sure you've filled in your payment details. After that go to the Offers tab in your account and choose an offer you are interested in. https://share.getcloudapp.com/Kou4XJJB Read the rules&description carefully and if everything's OK for you, send a request for activation with information about your traffic source. https://share.getcloudapp.com/WnuxvkNW Keep in mind that not all the offers are available right away. If you requested a CPL offer, then after sending a request you'll get a ticket. You have to read it very carefully and follow all the mentioned information in it. https://share.getcloudapp.com/P8u9owxP After performing these simple actions you'll be informed in your account about approval or rejection of your request.

Flyers which we periodically distribute on our conferences contain the promo code. They are bonuses for our new webmasters.

When user places an order - the lead is on hold, when order is confirmed by call - it becomes approved. If the user cancels the order or is not answering the phone for several days, the lead will be canceled.

Your referral needs to sign up by your link, which you can find in the section Referrals - https://paysale.com/user/referrals?lang=en Referral income counts for all the leads summarized more than 0.5$. That's because of the minimum referral income is 0.01$ NOTE! If your referral gets banned, then all his leads are canceled and the amounts received from him are deleted from your balance.

Leads made from the same device and IP are considered as a fraud and will be rejected. We rate traffic with a large number of such leads as low-quality traffic. Leads made from proxy servers also will be rejected, and an account may be banned. We prohibit proxy traffic, we consider it as a fraud.

Leads that have "on hold" status require a quality check. All leads on PPS / PPT offers require a quality check as well and have “on hold” status before approval. Leads will be approved or cancelled before the date of payment. We check leads on PPS / PPT offers according to Net30 system or once a month depending on an offer (check an offer description). It means that hold amount will be added to balance, or cancelled on the 4th of each month. For users with good quality traffic are available payments on the system Net10 for PPS/PPT offers. In this case, leads will be checked on the 4th,14th, 24th of each month, if an advertiser had already checked them.

The payout may be dynamic if different tariffs are shown in the description. It can also be different if lead was made from the device, that is not set in the offer rules.

Financial questions

In order to receive payment you need to raise a minimum. Minimum payment for: webmoney, paxum - 100$ wire - 200$ By default payments are made once a month - on the 5th of the month for the past period. For Ecommerce / travel offers - payments are made by the Net30 system. For confirmed users payments are made by the Net7 system. More details about payment systems can be found in the special FAQ questions. Note, that all payments are calculated according to Transaction tab calculations, not current statistics.

In your profile you specify the wallet where your payment should come to. We have 4 different systems for payouts: 1.Webmoney 2.Wire 3. Paxum

It is a payment with delay of 30 days after the end of the accounting period. It means that payout for traffic in May will be paid on the 5th of July.

$1.65 - $3.5 mobile, $3 - $5.15 desktop. Ask your manager for more info.

After verification of traffic quality, the advertiser leaves feedback and if everything's alright, the publisher gets a weekly payout. It's possible in the Dating and Mobile Subscription verticals. The payout for E-commerce and Travel goes by Net30, right after an advertiser pays an invoice for traffic.

Hold is a status of a lead(s), which hasn't got a payment from an advertiser yet. Hold leads are usually approved before the payment.

A customer, who creates an offer and pays an affiliate program, so we can publish it and pay a webmaster.

Member of an affiliate program, who has registered by the recommendation of another participant - a refer. The refer receives a reward for new involved participants.

To get the payment, you need to have the minimum balance. Minimum payment for: webmoney, epayments, paxum - 100$ paypal - 200$ wire - 200$ Net7 payments are paid each Friday. You can request a payment for the last week's period (Monday to Sunday). Note, that all payments are calculated according to Transaction tab calculations, not current statistics.

Technical questions

TrafficBack URL is an unnecessary parameter. If user's geo doesn't fit the offer's or User Agent's geo, this user will be redirected to the specified address.

This is an optional parameter that you can set, if necessary, to obtain detailed information on each received conversion automatically. With the locking action a POST request will be sent to an URL-address, specified in the PostBack section.

subID1 and subID2 can be used for revealing of bad-quality platforms and teaser campaigns. E.g. we put teaserID or teaserName to subID1. In subID2 we use the ad name Teasernet or the name of the website containing Yandex creatives. There are also UTM marks. sub1, sub2, sub3, sub4, sub5 are avaliable for usage. You can also perform groupings in the section Reports. Here's an example of a short link with all the parameters: http://wooga.info/xXxX/?sub1=teaserID&sub2=Teasernet You can add utm marks to the link as well. http://wooga.info/xXxX/?utm_source=teaser&utm_content=site_id&utm_campaign=test_c&utm_medium=test_m

CR (Conversion Ratio) is a percentage ratio of quantity of completed actions to clicks quantity. EPC (Earnings Per Click) is average earnings for one click. This index displays in usd and forms in such way: all your earnings divide into a fetched users muster on a peculiar offer.

TDS is the system that distributes the traffic, based on such parameters as country, device, browser, OS. You get one link and the system distributes the traffic to the most profitable offers by itself. You can find TDS in the section Tools.

If you see a white screen, please check GEO of the offer you are trying to open. Your ip address must be the same as GEO. For all the rest GEO which is not listed on the offer, will appear white screen. In Tracklinks you can set a direct domain so the users can see the site including unavailable GEO. GEO is a geography of the offer.

It is a daily limitaion of leads established by the advertiser. The advertiser cannot pay/accept more leads than says the number in the description of an offer.

No, proxy traffic is forbidden.

eCPM - this signification in statistics that shows the average earnings per 1000 clicks, the signification is settled according to EPC * 1000, serves for more convenient analysis of statistics for traffic with low conversion.

EPC - the significant in the statistics that shows average earnings per 1 click

Dating is offers of the category dating sites. Usually, conversion (lead) is reckoned as registration on the site or replenishment of the user's balance.

Vertical is the type of the offers (their category). Example of verticals: (dating - payment for registration or replenishment of balance) Gambling (casino offers, gambling theme), pin submit (mobile subscriptions), ecommerce (online stores), travel - offers of category Travel (hotel reservation, tickets).

The percentage of the audience that has not switched from pre-landing to main landing.

This is the percentage of visitіs on page of the offer and the targeted actions (leads).

Usually defined as the name of a branch of network marketing as a whole. In a narrower sense, this is a payment for a certain action. Includes CPL (Cost per Lead), CPS (Cost per Sale), CPC (Cost Per Click) and others. Alternative names: PPS (Pay per Sale), PPL (Pay per Lead), Revshare - percentage of the commission received by the advertiser from the user. CPC (Cost Per Click) - also means the price per click in a particular PPC. CPL (Cost per Lead) - it's a PPL (Pay per Lead) pay-per-action offers, as a rule it's registration with email confirmation (DOI) or without it (SOI) CPM (fully: Cost per Mille or Cost per iMpression) - the system of buying views of ads. The price is usually calculated in thousands. CPS (Cost per Sale) - the system of payment for the sales of goods, the price can be fixed, or % (revshare). An alternative name for PPS (Pay per Sale)

The ratio of clicks to ad views. A high CTR does not always mean a high conversion.

A specific target of the offer: target can be defined by the age, geo, device, operating system, etc. The offer denotes the accepted goals, except for them, others are not targeted and are not paid.

Receiving contact details of a potential customer, for example when he fills out the registration form.

A page to which the webmaster directs the client from the ad.

Income/ costs level indicator.

Keywords on the basis of which are selected determining keywords for the purchase of ads.

When users don't pay attention to your ad anymore because it has become boring.

The script on the server that keeps statistics of the movement of traffic. There are trackers that perform the function of cloaking or TDS, distributing traffic.

Payment for each purchase to the partner, made by an advertiser from commission income.

An ad, which opens in a new browser window when you click on any point on the screen.

For now deeplink is available only for Aliexpress offer (ID 939).

You can add your link for proxy/vpn traffic while editing a link in Tracklinks or TDS, or click on "Add params" for smartlink. Example: <a href="https://cl.ly/968501dc799f" target="_blank"><img src="https://dti6i5hz1tz1z.cloudfront.net/items/47311w0b1q09221U3a3V/%5B5cc4f60a5d2ad670be794a6450f4b331%5D_Image+2019-06-12+at+3.59.48+PM.png" style="display: block;height: auto;width: 100%;"/></a> If you didn't put your link in there, traffic will be transferred to proxy offers set by the system and you will also receive a payout for targeted actions that are required by the advertiser for these offers.

If you want to check that the cname record for the domain is right we recommend you to use this service: https://mxtoolbox.com/CnameLookup.aspx. You need to specify your domain and check whether the cname entry is correctly established: Here's the example of the correct domain setup: https://cl.ly/6dff1eaadf3a. Here's the example of the incorrect domain setup: https://cl.ly/55e973e67053. After installing the cname record, we recommend to wait a few hours, because the records update with a delay, usually up to 1.5 hours. If you get a cname installation error, you should ask the service where you registered the domain.

You can set postback on Tools - Global postback tab: https://app.paysale.com/global_postbacks. The following parameters are passed on Postback url: {clickid} - Click id provided during the transition; {source} - Source provided during the transition; {profit} - the amount of income; {status} - conversion status (approved, waiting, rejected); {time} - the time of conversion; {timestamp} - the time of conversion (timestamp); {ua} - information about the user's browser; {u_ip} - IP user; {trx_id} - Paysale transaction id; Example http://domain.com?sid={clickid}&subaccount={source} Click on Test button to test of your postback. Response status: 200 - test is successful. Response status: 404 - error. If you have any problems with postback testing, please send us a ticket.

How do I get started?

We do not have any manuals or cases for beginners. We only work with publishers who have sufficient experience in the affiliate marketing. There are lots of affiliate programs in the Internet which work with newcomers. Try searching for those that are working with beginners and have minimum payments. Our minimal wage is 100$. There are many networks with no minimal wage. It's better for you to begin working in affiliate marketing with them. When you have enough experience, you can join us and we will activate the best offers with the high conversion for you. Wish you success!

Here's a video-instruction https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Yj2a4IbXlc

To start working with PPL dating offers, you need to provide screenshots of your experience with other networks. We request screenshots to avoid fraud. No confidential information is requested. You need to provide: Screenshot of your statistics (clicks / leads) on another network, with a list of PPL dating offers you worked with. Screenshot of your payments history. Preferably with up-to-date dates (last 1-3 months). Both screenshots should be full-screen, with your username and/or email address on it. We don’t accept videos, only screenshots. If you have no experience with PPL dating offers, send a ticket to our support team.

1. Choose suitable payment method here https://app.paysale.com/users/edit#payment. Paxum/PayPal/Webmoney/wire methods are avaialble. - Set your Webmoney wallet as Z+unique number of your wallet, Paxum/PayPal - your email address. - You also need to fill in your personal data here https://app.paysale.com/users/edit#profile to get payments via Webmoney. Please add only your real data as it is recorded in your documents. 2. Send a code to your email (you will receive a code by e-mail associated with your paysale account). 3. Set the code in the confirmation field and save changes. 4. Add your contact info (your mobile number and Skype): https://app.paysale.com/users/edit#profile. By default, you will receive all notifications in tickets on the site. If we are unable to contact you, our manager will contact you via Skype. 5. After adding contact information and payment information, you can apply for offers/smartlink.