Jolly.Me - PPL 30 (LK) (web mob) (private)

Citas casuales

Cap 200

SOI is a fast-growing dating website and the best place to find love and relationships.


LK – $0.09

The offer works for English-speaking users.

Daily Conversion CAP: $180/day per publisher.

Conversion point: user needs to register.

Allowed Devices: mobile, desktop, tablet.

Recommended traffic: seo, smm, search advertising (with key words restrictions), web display, social networks advertising, native ad networks.

Restrictions: spam, push, doorway pages, incentive, sms, fraud, toolbar traffic, craiglist, coregistrations, email traffic, viral traffic, brand bidding, torrent, no traffic from other affiliate networks without a written approval in advance.

In case of using any of these methods to promote our offers, all your conversions will be declined and your account deactivated.



  • Invalid or Fake leads will not be paid. Restrictions to use in creatives words "free", "without payment" etc.
  • Best sources with good performance and CR: native ads, display.
  • It is not allowed to use pics of celebrities, actors/actress or any other famous people on banners, pre-landers etc.

Key words restrictions (and variations):

1) Affiliates are not allowed to advertise in search advertising using keywords specific to As well as domain names, including misspelling.

2) Affiliates are not allowed to use exact matches as well as any variations, including misspelling, domain names of competing dating sites.

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30 days




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Sri Lanka


¿Te interesa esta oferta?

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