OneAmour PPL SOI (US) (mobile web)

Adult dating

Cap 100


Conversions limits: 100 leads/daily per publisher.

Conversion point: user needs to register.

Allowed Devices: mobile.

Recommended traffic: seo, smm, search advertising (with key words restrictions), web display, social networks advertising (with sources restrictions), native ad networks.

Restrictions: doorway pages, FB, GDN or Google search, incentive, sms, fraud, push traffic, toolbar traffic, craiglist, coregistrations, email traffic, viral traffic, brand bidding, torrent, no traffic from other affiliate networks without a written approval in advance.


  • Invalid or Fake leads will not be paid. Restrictions to use in creatives worlds "free", "without payment" etc. In case of using these creatives traffic will not be paid

  • Best sources of good performance and CR: native ads, display.

  • It is allowed to use creatives only with photos from Oneamour site and photo banks. It is not allowed to use pics of celebrities, actors/actress or any other famous people on banners, pre-landers etc

  • All custom creatives and LP’s must be approved, no exceptions.

Keywords restrictions (and variations):

1) Affiliates are not allowed to advertise in search advertising using keywords specific to Oneamour. As well as domain names, including misspelling .: / / Oneamourr / Onamour / www.Oneamour / MyOneamour etc.

2) Affiliates are not allowed to use exact matches as well as any variations, including misspelling, domain names of competing dating sites.

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